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Scratching beats into the locked groove of records

by | August 19, 2013 | In Music, Technology, Videos Comments Off on Scratching beats into the locked groove of records

This needs to happen more often.

Vimeo user Nick zammuto has figured out a really ingenius way to use media for reasons other than it was intended. It is also an ingenius way to get amazed music nerds to buy your record. He’s been using household implements to scratch beats into the locked groove of vinyl records. Scratching beats. Into records. The template he uses is screenprinted, cut out and placed on the record. Then he uses a pushpin to put a small notch onto the record according to the quarter, eighth, and sixteenth note divisions on the template. It’s really cool.

From Nick:

“I’ve invented a method of scratching rhythms into the ‘locked groove’ at the center of vinyl records. This kit includes a unique hand scratched vinyl LP of our first record, with a hand screenprinted cover including templates for making your own scratched rhythms on other records in your collection. The music portion of the LP is unnaffected, of course. Includes five templates for common time signatures. All are signed, dated and silkscreened by me here at home in VT. The first 45 copies are on spectacular blue splatter vinyl.”

So there.

Sidenote: Who saw his awesome studio shed?


IllumiRoom: That Next Level Video Game Shizz

by | April 29, 2013 | In Games, News, Technology Comments Off on IllumiRoom: That Next Level Video Game Shizz

All you need is a Kinect enabled projector and IllumiRoom will extend your video games out into the room with you. IllumiRoom from Microsoft Research is taking gaming technology from “seen it before” to “holy shit! it’s the future.” The whole thing calibrates itself and even works with games that it’s not built for. The Kinect camera reads the physical layout of your space in real time, then uses that to bring explosions from FPS games, atmospheric and lighting conditions, and other effects out of the TV. Just watch the video. It’s hard to explain, but once you see this crazy futuristic mess, you’re about to be all SHUTTUP AND TAKE MY MONEY. Unless you don’t care about video games….then you probably won’t.

IllumiRoom - WHAAAAAAAT?