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Stream “Wrap The Body” here!

Never a force content to deliver obvious moves, the next release from the Racebannon juggernaut sees them joining forces with some friends and releasing…*gasp* a DJ-styled 12″ release. Yes folks, Wrap the Body!

A collaboration between Racebannon and Jilly Weiss (We Are Hex), and also featuring a full-blown remix from long time friendsYea Big, Kid Static and Stak; this is Racebannon at both their weirdest and yet most recognizable. Yes, the requisite churn, chaos, and darkness are all present and yes, Mike Andersonbelts out yet another genre-bending throat-box assault. The razor riffing is omnipresent, and the low-end hits like a depth charge. But the token Bannon weapons collide face-first with programmed beats, samples, and an instantly frenzied vocal contribution from Weiss, who sounds like a banshee possessed by equal parts PJ Harvey, bad acid, and Satan herself. The end result is something that is immediately memorable, catchy, scary, and downright original. [More]


For those of you that don’t know, Bootleg Sessions is one of the dopest fixed gear trick videos out there. I talked to Burd over there and they just finished shooting the 4th installment and shipped it off to the replicator. That means this thing should drop mid-May sometime. Why do we care you may ask? The YB+KS track Heavy Catamaran from The Heavy 7″ is featured when they hit London and in their words “It fits so effing perfectly.”

Here is the trailer:

Bootleg Sessions v.4 HD Fixed Gear DVD full trailer from Ride/Relax Productions on Vimeo.

Back in April 2009, Yea Big and I recorded a live session at Daytrotter in Rock Island, IL. (pics) Guess what? It’s LIVE on Daytrotter.

“Chicago’s Yea Big & Kid Static, is opinionated and out-spoken. The duo makes the kind of defiant and churlish hip-hop that comes from dissatisfied young men, idealistic and yearning for better results than the crap ones they’re getting or seeing as most likely, for themselves and for others. They are the words of those who sense that we’re not bettering anything and that we’re just phoning it in, sticking with a routine that might need some rejiggering or a complete overhaul. Yea Big and Kid Static seem to contend that the bigger truths are hidden under layers of muck, and that we’re being kept from the most sublime beauties of existence, the various things that along us an appreciation for the subtle and rich details. We’re being lied to, but maybe we’ve still got some cool enough homies that we’ll overlook these obstructions and these cover-ups.”

Check it out!


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METAL POSTCARD is doing big once again, putting out this delicious piece of musicality from Yea Big + Kid Static. The Future’s Looking Grim FULL EL-P. Get it!


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We played Pitchfork. It was fun as hell. In the midst of band turmoil and dirty rumors, The Mae Shi still put on a helluva show. Songs in the clip:
The Mae Shi – Body
YB+KS & The Mae Shi – Party Steady
YB+KS & The Mae Shi – Run To The Facts

Tha Insomniacts come hard with a pair of solid remixes. They hit us up on Myspace asking if they could give it a shot and DAYUM. They killed it. Check the bass on these.

I know I usually post remixes with that bassy bass. But sometimes you gotta drive down the street with your windows down, feeling that wind through your waves and/or weave and say to yourself “Golly, life is fucking beautiful.” This is the song to do it to. Skibunny, Belfast’s #1 remixers/promoters (via NME), put their uplifting spin on Run To The Facts off of the Run To Your Grave 7″.

PR pic 1 grey

A couple of European heads remixed YB+KS track “The Life Here” off of their self titled debut. This shit is so sick.

The original:

The Remix: