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MAJOR LAZER – Pon De Floor (Jacob Safari feat. Kid Static RMX)
by kidstatic


We played Pitchfork. It was fun as hell. In the midst of band turmoil and dirty rumors, The Mae Shi still put on a helluva show. Songs in the clip:
The Mae Shi – Body
YB+KS & The Mae Shi – Party Steady
YB+KS & The Mae Shi – Run To The Facts

You know we like to keep it light and fresh around here. So when Jacob Safari hit me up on some “you wanna get on this track.” I was like “Yes.” Free summer jam from us to you. Wallpaper, the men behind Booty Tweet Is The New Booty Call and a raucously controversial 99 Problems remix collab with Jacob Safari of Mae Shi fame, and yours truly.


I know I usually post remixes with that bassy bass. But sometimes you gotta drive down the street with your windows down, feeling that wind through your waves and/or weave and say to yourself “Golly, life is fucking beautiful.” This is the song to do it to. Skibunny, Belfast’s #1 remixers/promoters (via NME), put their uplifting spin on Run To The Facts off of the Run To Your Grave 7″.

PR pic 1 grey

The folks over at Hooves On The Turf sent over some footage from South By. This show was a blast.


Rockstar Games, the makers of Midnight Club LA, are releasing a new music addon to the game. GUESS WHO GOT A TRACK ON THE SOUNDTRACK? That’s right, me and Bigga did.  It was off the Mashup album we did with the Mae Shi called HLLL YEA.

Check the track:

Party Steady