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Tha Insomniacts come hard with a pair of solid remixes. They hit us up on Myspace asking if they could give it a shot and DAYUM. They killed it. Check the bass on these.

I know I usually post remixes with that bassy bass. But sometimes you gotta drive down the street with your windows down, feeling that wind through your waves and/or weave and say to yourself “Golly, life is fucking beautiful.” This is the song to do it to. Skibunny, Belfast’s #1 remixers/promoters (via NME), put their uplifting spin on Run To The Facts off of the Run To Your Grave 7″.

PR pic 1 grey

A couple of European heads remixed YB+KS track “The Life Here” off of their self titled debut. This shit is so sick.

The original:

The Remix:


Diplo sent out a call for Dubstep remixes of Asher Roth. I answered with this one.

If you don’t know about this you should know.


I couldn’t sleep last night, so I banged this out this peppy remix.

Kid Static vs TLC vs Radiohead – Creep
by kidstatic

Kid Static vs. Matt and Kim

by | February 10, 2009 | In Music, Remixes No Comments

kidstatic vs matt and kim

After the Dekalb show I hit up Matt and Kim to get permission to remix their song Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare off of their album “Grand.” They said I could, so I did. Here it go. Shit bangs.

Kid Static vs. Matt and Kim – Good Ol\’ Fashion Nightmare