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Our friends over at Veoba celebrated the coming out of their new site with a bash at Beauty Bar in Chicago. Played by Jokers of the Scene, Acid Girls, Necrocomicon, and Just Desserts, the thing was popping all night. Talking to people sitting in beauty parlor chairs, getting sweaty as hell on the dancefloor, disco, booze, photos and people getting pedicures. At the end it got popping again when some other jokers lit off some fireworks outside. After that we hit up Five Star to afterparty with the massive amount of dirty girls over there. Good times. And to think I just went in there to play some pool.

Bigups to Gina over at Veoba for the assist. If you want to see the rest of these pictures go here or here. Word.


Me and Bigga are doing a video for Heavy Catamaran off of the Heavy 7″. I did about 4 hours of shooting for it yesterday. Here are some flicks from the set.




Daytrotter Sessions

by | April 3, 2009 | In News, Photos 1 Comment

On the way back from Mission Creek we stopped in Rock Island, IL to record for Daytrotter. Thanks to Andre from Mission Creek for that one. Daytrotter records short live sessions from bands like My Morning Jacket, Of Montreal, Death Cab For Cutie, etc. And they wanted us to come in. Nice.

We recorded 4 songs. Party Steady and Run To The Facts, off of the Mae Shi Mash-up album, Middle America , off of The Future’s Looking Grim, we did acapella, and we finally put Thank You For Being A Friend to tape. It was a blast. Bigups to Sean and Mike, here’s some flicks.

[svgallery name="daytrotter"]

Check out some pictures from South By this past week. Hung out with the Mae Shi (LA) alot, caught Kid Cudi, Freeway, and the boy Charles Hamilton among others on the street.

Saw mad Chicago heads down south including Intel, Million$Mano, and your boy Clayton Hauck. Also met mad heads from around the world who were familiar with the music which made me happy as hell. Skibunny from Belfast let us know they’ve been drilling our tracks hard out in Ireland.

I’m so happy to have met everyone I did, there are alot of great people out there. Best shows: The Mae Shi, Monotonix, Health, Slow Club, Po Po, Pre, P.O.S. Brother Ali, Diplo. Good times.

Kid Static x Mr. Tastees

by | February 20, 2009 | In News, Photos 1 Comment

Mr. Tastees does custom acrylic pieces in Chicago for the hip kids. Called him up and in no time he had this black and gold masterpiece ready for pickup. He and Matthias St. John stopped by Crocodile Lounge to take some right proper pictures. Get some.

Kid Static x Mr. Tastees

Kid Static x Mr. Tastees


by | February 15, 2009 | In Photos 1 Comment

I spent Valentines day rapping and breakdancing to help a coffee shop in Cicero. A bunch of heads got together to help the shop stay open.

[svgallery name="cicero"]

They want their record back.

Curtis Blow

This past Saturday I djed at Silver Room for the Lingerie Loft Party. Here are flicks.

[svgallery name="lingerieloftparty"]