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Kid Static - When My Soul Goes Down

March of 2010 I released a free album online called Hypnotized. October 2010, I shot the video with Francis Kmiecik and Bryan Carr. The editing is done and the effects are in. Sept. 30th at the stroke of midnight EST, I am going to ring in the Halloween month with a brand spanking new video.

The video features Milloux Suicide of Suicide Girls fame. She was awesome to work with and we have stayed friends to this day.

For behind the scened photos of the shoot, CLICK HERE. They are only visible to those who have pledged to support my next album which is being released in Spring 2012.

If you would like to support go to:

I’m not die hard but I like riding. It was cold and rainy so I stopped. It’s nice so recently I started riding again. Enough with the Rebecca Black style synopsis.

These are my bikes.

these are my bikes

This is how I feel about bikes.

Kid Static – You Can Do You by kidstatic

Phil Hellenes

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Sometimes this life gets to be a bit much. We constantly deal with the macro. Our personal problems keep our heads at ground level and we don’t often realize how amazing this world we live in is.

When people tell me they are “bored” or “nothing exciting ever happens around here.” I think how we are hurling around a nuclear ball of fire through empty space at hundreds of thousands of miles an hour. Our chosen vehicle is a giant rock with a molten center that spits it at us occasionally.

Nothing exciting? How much excitement do you need? Phil Hellenes gets this. He gets a bit preachy in the middle but otherwise, seriously.

Antoine is my favorite person right now.


Finally back from LA. Went out West to look for a place. Found out it was waaaay too early to be looking. You would think landlords would find a tenant when the previous tenant tells them they’re moving out. Not so much. Apparently they wait until someone needs to move in tomorrow. They were on some, you can pay us a month’s rent to hold it for you, I’m like yeaaah, I’m totally doing that.

Ran into the 5signs crew from Anodyne Electric. We did the 9th episode of their podcast. Also played a show at the Grand Star, did a photoshoot with Signals and Blood Is The New Black, and got it in with Frosti and Levi.

More audio, footage and images of all of that coming soon.

RPM 2010

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It’s that time again. February is fast approaching. Between planning for Costa Rica, LA, and Austin, I’m going to somehow fit in making an album in the month of Feb.

The Rules:

Record an album in February 2009 that’s 10 songs or 35 minutes long

     * Recording can only be done in the month of February – no prerecorded songs.
     * All material must be previously unreleased, and we encourage you to write the material during
      February too.

Read all about it here.

If you remember, RPM 2008 was the beast that spawned this project:

In The Meantime

Pitchfork raved about it, people downloaded it way more than I ever expected (over 5,000 unique downloads), and it turned out to be a pretty decent undertaking.

So let’s do it again.

Keep an eye out.

Hopie Spitshard : Yummy

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Hopie is one of the homies from the bay, you know her from the Hopie/Del/Kid Static collab. She’s been working hard to bring you some hot new visual material. Keep an eye out, her new video Yummy is about to hit.


YB+KS’ brand new album “The Future’s Looking Grim” is hot off the trucks. We just got it in our hands and want to give the fans the opportunity to pick it up before it leaves for the stores. For the next two weeks, we’re letting you guys buy it directly from us  pre-retail on our myspace page. Pick it up now or you have to wait until June. JUNE! That’s a long ways away.  I mean you could just get it digitally but ITS NOT THE SAME!

Static Out!

from TREAL:

That captured pirate hits the states…

… and he’s COLD CHILLIN’! That smiles just says, “yes, I have lived a wild fucking life, I am 19, I am a pirate, I sail ships and rob people, I have fired cannons and swashbuckled and shivered ye timbers and stabbed scurvy dogs and squeezed big wench tittays and laughed so much, much more than you Navy Gravy Under Seige fools ever will. P.S. you have just made the biggest mistake ever, I’m about to take over the U.S. prisons like pirate Miklo! Did I mention I just got a free ticket to America!? Big Mac!” This motherfucker is a modern day Jolly Roger! Straight up, if he is not in the next Pirates of the Carribean (as well as Miklo, for that matter, his career has gone nowhere since Chicano Blood), I will eat ten scorpions and buy a 900″ TV from Sever for six dollars and a coupon.