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Wednesday, The Hood Internet and I threw a rager at The Echo in Echo Park, Los Angeles. To everyone who came out, you rock. To everyone who missed it, you still rock, but you missed a hell of a show. I debuted a new light show, and a new song, never heard before that night. Get Dirty, a track I’ve been fighting with myself over for a while, finally saw the light of day. Its seriously the raunchiest thing I have ever put to tape. I finally let it out because I realized: Everyone has that dirty side. Ive been trying hard not to censor myself artistically and I think it has merit. And seriously, the beat just bangs.

Here is the setlist in its entirety.

Feb 23 Kid Static + Hood Internet Show Setlist by kidstatic


At the beginning of February, while in L.A. I got pulled into the photoshoot for the Blood Is The New Black Summer 2010 line. It was a really good time with beer, pizza, beautiful people, a great band called Signals and best of all I got to hit things with a stick. Here are some shots from that glorious day.

go HERE to see the rest of them.


Blood Is The New Black is a clothing company out of LA that makes really cool Tshirts. When I was in LA a couple weeks ago, I got pulled into the photoshoot for their 2010 summer collection. It was good times all around. The Signals dudes held it down with the live music, and all the people there were cool as hell. The actual flicks from the shoot are dropping in March sometime. Look out for your boy.
[svgallery name="BITBshoot"]

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Finally back from LA. Went out West to look for a place. Found out it was waaaay too early to be looking. You would think landlords would find a tenant when the previous tenant tells them they’re moving out. Not so much. Apparently they wait until someone needs to move in tomorrow. They were on some, you can pay us a month’s rent to hold it for you, I’m like yeaaah, I’m totally doing that.

Ran into the 5signs crew from Anodyne Electric. We did the 9th episode of their podcast. Also played a show at the Grand Star, did a photoshoot with Signals and Blood Is The New Black, and got it in with Frosti and Levi.

More audio, footage and images of all of that coming soon.