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Markus Kayser created a 3D Printer that uses the sun’s energy to convert sand into glass. Its one of the coolest things I have seen in a while.


At the beginning of February, while in L.A. I got pulled into the photoshoot for the Blood Is The New Black Summer 2010 line. It was a really good time with beer, pizza, beautiful people, a great band called Signals and best of all I got to hit things with a stick. Here are some shots from that glorious day.

go HERE to see the rest of them.


Bryce Bell is a Mechanical Engineer from Oklahoma. It started as just a fun project when he designed and built the Cardapult to see if it could be done. People seemed to like the idea alot so he started a company geared towards making business card sized mechanical marvels. The prototypes are cut with a laser cutter and hand assembled. You can tell alot of time and effort went into figuring out how to do this.

Jose Garibaldi over at Little Brown Heart sketches out what to hit up this weekend in Chicago. Dope.


Soap Knuckles

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Conversation and words don’t work on dirt. Put a hurtin’ on your body soil. Time to up your Shower gangsta.

thanks @audibletreats

Odalisque Bench

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There is just something sexy about this bench.

This is pretty sweet.

Media architecture collective Urban Alliance has recently finished the Moodwall: a 24 meter long interactive light installation in Amsterdam.

The Moodwall is situated in a pedestrian tunnel and interacts with people passing by, improving the atmosphere in the tunnel and making people happy and feel less unsafe.

The interactive urban wallpaper is built out of about 2500 leds behind a ribbed semi-transparent wall. The curves in the wall make it less suitable for grafitti and improve the visibility of the content for the side.

The resolution is horizontally stretched so the images of the screen are better for the side so people are stimulated to watch the screen from outside the tunnel. This prevents the tunnel to become a hang-out spot.



via ArchDaily.

The family over at Durte Graphx says they stopped skating at 14, but that hasn’t kept them from keeping a hand in the culture. Check out these decks. Hotness.

MAD has been killing it on the art and custom toy game for a minute, and St!zo is just an all around talented DJ, Artist, Great Dude. This is what happens when the two meet up for tea and mufuckin’ krumpets.

These shoes were commissioned by a big fan of artist/toy designer MAD L. The base shoe that was provided was an all black pair of Air Force Ones. The “Big Money” theme was requested, so gold accents were applied in addition to the pieces of the MAD L character collection as well as his tag ghosted throughout the design.”




Kid Static x Mr. Tastees

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Mr. Tastees does custom acrylic pieces in Chicago for the hip kids. Called him up and in no time he had this black and gold masterpiece ready for pickup. He and Matthias St. John stopped by Crocodile Lounge to take some right proper pictures. Get some.

Kid Static x Mr. Tastees

Kid Static x Mr. Tastees