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Vinyl – 12″ – It Gleams

by | March 21, 2013 | In

Limited Edition Vinyl - It Gleams

Vinyl – 12″ – It Gleams

Thanks to Metal Postcard for putting out our first solo vinyl release. This limited edition encoded vinyl album record will make your parents able to relate to your musical tastes. It includes fully mastered versions of all the songs on the album except Keep In Touch. That has been replaced with the only vinyl available track, K.I.D. The album is 33 1/3 speed and playing time is 33 min and 28 seconds.

It has 11 tracks of audio music that will be delicious to your ears:

01 Moonlight
02 Your Secret Lies
03 Orange Crush
04 T-Shirts & Sneakers
05 Breaking Down
06 Glare
07 Get Dirty
08 Boxing Day
09 Rich Girl
10 Rocks & Toothpicks
11 K.I.D (Vinyl Only)

You get 1 12″ Vinyl Record.

If you would like it to be signed, please let us know when you order. Or  Allow 1 more week of shipping time for all signing requests.

Price: $15.00
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