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Sometimes you hear the sampled before the original. I don’t know how many times I heard this song before I knew about it’s composer. Read up on him. Moondog is dope.


Brand new video from Kid Static. Off the album Hypnotized

Never let it be said that Gorillaz, LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy, or, in particular, the sublime OutKast rapper André 3000 fail to appreciate the gravity of a corporate sponsorship opportunity.

Earlier this week, Converse unveiled a radio edit of “DoYaThing,” a predictably killer collaboration between the three musical forces. Now, via Seattle’s 107.7 the End, a much “DoYaThing” is here. And let’s just say the guys have outdone themselves.

As promised, there’s an extended, LCD Soundsystem-style krautrock freakout while Three Stacks riffs exuberantly about how he’s “the shit.” It’s hilarious just picturing these guys in the studio. While you’re listening, which is gonna take a while, here are some vital statistics:

Length of track: 13 minutes, 5 seconds

Approximate time André 3000 comes in: the 1:50 mark

Number of times André 3000 rhymes “splooshie-sploosh” with “bloop-de-bloop”: 1

Number of times André 3000 says “shit”: at least 68

Number of times André 3000 says “thing”: at least 40

Number of times André 3000 says the tracks sounds “excellent” to him: 2

Number of things André 3000 says are “jealous” of him: infinite

Temperature André 3000 can make it on y’all: 100 degrees

Approximate number of words André 3000 delivers on the track: 1,115

Approximate number of words Damon Albarn delivers: 215

Approximate number of words James Murphy delivers: 57

Converse parent company Nike’s reported fiscal 2011 profit: $2.1 billion

Amount a Nike factory recently agreed to pay Indonesia workers in back wages for 600,000 hours of unpaid overtime: $950,000

Amount that equals per hour: $1.58

Amount that equals per listen to the full “DoYaThing”: 34 cents, which makes us feel like suckers, because we’d totally listen for free.


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Tech N9ne alway kills it but these other dudes….damn. Rap time.

“Kool Keith — the oddball rapper and co-founder of Ultramagnetic MCs who also goes by Dr. Octagon and Black Elvis — brings his abtract kook and insanely oversexed lyrics to Reggies alongside a spread of local artists and DJs, including notables Kid Static (sans Yea Big) and Phillip Morris. Eccentricities aside, Kool Keith remains a cult-rap icon, not to mention the self-proclaimed inventor of horrorcore (see: weaker upstart division, OFWGKTA), and it would be a shame for any hip-hop head to miss out on this.” – Flavorpill

Hypnotized was one of my successful albums to date. Even though it was only released online, the amount of excitement and subsequent downloading was crazy. The last track on the album was WMSGD. Antler approached me about doing a video shortly after I moved out to Los Angeles. With our gigantic creative minds coming together, this is what happens:


Filmed by Antler
Featuring Milloux Suicide

From the album Hypnotized

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Kid Static - When My Soul Goes Down

March of 2010 I released a free album online called Hypnotized. October 2010, I shot the video with Francis Kmiecik and Bryan Carr. The editing is done and the effects are in. Sept. 30th at the stroke of midnight EST, I am going to ring in the Halloween month with a brand spanking new video.

The video features Milloux Suicide of Suicide Girls fame. She was awesome to work with and we have stayed friends to this day.

For behind the scened photos of the shoot, CLICK HERE. They are only visible to those who have pledged to support my next album which is being released in Spring 2012.

If you would like to support go to:

Shake The Dust

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Dope documentary on hip hop in developing countries.

Shake the Dust / The Making Of from Loose Luggage on Vimeo.

Open Mike Eagle, Alwayz Prolific and I have been working together for a minute now. This is a view into the hilarity that that merger brings. This is some footage from our home rehearsal of “Four Years Old”,
a track from Mike’s Art Rap After Party EP. Make sure you check out his new LP, Rappers Will Die Of Natural Causes.