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Hypnotized was one of my successful albums to date. Even though it was only released online, the amount of excitement and subsequent downloading was crazy. The last track on the album was WMSGD. Antler approached me about doing a video shortly after I moved out to Los Angeles. With our gigantic creative minds coming together, this is what happens:


Filmed by Antler
Featuring Milloux Suicide

From the album Hypnotized

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Check out my the song “Chi City” with Hood Internet from the forthcoming s/t Hood & Kid Static 7″ on Whistler/TTD Records. Directed by Ryan Gallagher for Lutraphobe Films. Record release party 9.11.10 at Lincoln Hall w/ Wallpaper, DVAS, Kid Color and Just Desserts…..NUCKA.


Racebannon Announce “Wrap The Body” 12-inch

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Stream “Wrap The Body” here!

Never a force content to deliver obvious moves, the next release from the Racebannon juggernaut sees them joining forces with some friends and releasing…*gasp* a DJ-styled 12″ release. Yes folks, Wrap the Body!

A collaboration between Racebannon and Jilly Weiss (We Are Hex), and also featuring a full-blown remix from long time friendsYea Big, Kid Static and Stak; this is Racebannon at both their weirdest and yet most recognizable. Yes, the requisite churn, chaos, and darkness are all present and yes, Mike Andersonbelts out yet another genre-bending throat-box assault. The razor riffing is omnipresent, and the low-end hits like a depth charge. But the token Bannon weapons collide face-first with programmed beats, samples, and an instantly frenzied vocal contribution from Weiss, who sounds like a banshee possessed by equal parts PJ Harvey, bad acid, and Satan herself. The end result is something that is immediately memorable, catchy, scary, and downright original. [More]


Wallpaper,Jacob Safari & Kid Static – Pool Party

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You know we like to keep it light and fresh around here. So when Jacob Safari hit me up on some “you wanna get on this track.” I was like “Yes.” Free summer jam from us to you. Wallpaper, the men behind Booty Tweet Is The New Booty Call and a raucously controversial 99 Problems remix collab with Jacob Safari of Mae Shi fame, and yours truly.



YB+KS is back suckas! This time with a brand new music video for their videogame banger BOTS!



New heat from Yea Big + Kid Static off of their album “The Future’s Looking Grim” dropping April 1st.

You ever wonder what it would sound like inside a video game? If this track ain’t it, it’s definitely close. It’s an ode to our favorite 8 bit game hero MEGA MAN!!!!!!!!!!  Rowdy synths surround the banginest kicks on this soundtrack to an 8-bit getdown. Get Some.

Yea Big + Kid Static – BOTS