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“Kool Keith — the oddball rapper and co-founder of Ultramagnetic MCs who also goes by Dr. Octagon and Black Elvis — brings his abtract kook and insanely oversexed lyrics to Reggies alongside a spread of local artists and DJs, including notables Kid Static (sans Yea Big) and Phillip Morris. Eccentricities aside, Kool Keith remains a cult-rap icon, not to mention the self-proclaimed inventor of horrorcore (see: weaker upstart division, OFWGKTA), and it would be a shame for any hip-hop head to miss out on this.” – Flavorpill


Hypnotized was one of my successful albums to date. Even though it was only released online, the amount of excitement and subsequent downloading was crazy. The last track on the album was WMSGD. Antler approached me about doing a video shortly after I moved out to Los Angeles. With our gigantic creative minds coming together, this is what happens:


Filmed by Antler
Featuring Milloux Suicide

From the album Hypnotized

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Open Mike Eagle, Alwayz Prolific and I have been working together for a minute now. This is a view into the hilarity that that merger brings. This is some footage from our home rehearsal of “Four Years Old”,
a track from Mike’s Art Rap After Party EP. Make sure you check out his new LP, Rappers Will Die Of Natural Causes.

I CAN’T STOP WATCHING THIS! MY GAWD ITS SO GRIMY. I’m saying, keep a look out for this dude. He doesn’t have that many views right now, but they’re coming. You heard it here third.

Mr. Muthaf**kin’ Exquire kills it.

Making loops with my BOSS Loop Pedal.

The Neckbreakers – Eagle Rock Music Festival 2010 from j. alan lebanowski on Vimeo.

I’m not die hard but I like riding. It was cold and rainy so I stopped. It’s nice so recently I started riding again. Enough with the Rebecca Black style synopsis.

These are my bikes.

these are my bikes

This is how I feel about bikes.

Kid Static – You Can Do You by kidstatic

Feb 26 Ming And Ping Kissing Tigers Kid Static and NVR-NDR at The Terrace Setlist by kidstatic