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Kool Keith, Kid Static, Phillip Morris, Kid Slim @ Reggie’s JAN 22nd.

by | January 11, 2012 | In Live, Music, Parties Comments Off on Kool Keith, Kid Static, Phillip Morris, Kid Slim @ Reggie’s JAN 22nd.

“Kool Keith — the oddball rapper and co-founder of Ultramagnetic MCs who also goes by Dr. Octagon and Black Elvis — brings his abtract kook and insanely oversexed lyrics to Reggies alongside a spread of local artists and DJs, including notables Kid Static (sans Yea Big) and Phillip Morris. Eccentricities aside, Kool Keith remains a cult-rap icon, not to mention the self-proclaimed inventor of horrorcore (see: weaker upstart division, OFWGKTA), and it would be a shame for any hip-hop head to miss out on this.” – Flavorpill


Ming And Ping at The Terrace Setlist

by | February 27, 2011 | In Live, Music Comments Off on Ming And Ping at The Terrace Setlist

Feb 26 Ming And Ping Kissing Tigers Kid Static and NVR-NDR at The Terrace Setlist by kidstatic


The Hood Internet + Kid Static Setlist

by | February 25, 2011 | In Live, Music Comments Off on The Hood Internet + Kid Static Setlist

Wednesday, The Hood Internet and I threw a rager at The Echo in Echo Park, Los Angeles. To everyone who came out, you rock. To everyone who missed it, you still rock, but you missed a hell of a show. I debuted a new light show, and a new song, never heard before that night. Get Dirty, a track I’ve been fighting with myself over for a while, finally saw the light of day. Its seriously the raunchiest thing I have ever put to tape. I finally let it out because I realized: Everyone has that dirty side. Ive been trying hard not to censor myself artistically and I think it has merit. And seriously, the beat just bangs.

Here is the setlist in its entirety.

Feb 23 Kid Static + Hood Internet Show Setlist by kidstatic


Veoba Pre-Launch Party @ Angels and Kings

by | April 30, 2010 | In Live, Music, Parties, Videos Comments Off on Veoba Pre-Launch Party @ Angels and Kings

Bigups to the fam at Veoba, Just Desserts, Kid Color, Willy Joy, and Finger on the Pulse for that awesome launch party last Wednesday. Nick Brazinsky over at shot this sick edit of the performance.

The background music is a little taste of the 7″ coming out from yours truly and Hood Internet.

Kid Static @ Angels & Kings from Nick Brazinsky on Vimeo.


Daytrotter Session Finally Up!

by | February 13, 2010 | In Live, Music, News Comments Off on Daytrotter Session Finally Up!

Back in April 2009, Yea Big and I recorded a live session at Daytrotter in Rock Island, IL. (pics) Guess what? It’s LIVE on Daytrotter.

“Chicago’s Yea Big & Kid Static, is opinionated and out-spoken. The duo makes the kind of defiant and churlish hip-hop that comes from dissatisfied young men, idealistic and yearning for better results than the crap ones they’re getting or seeing as most likely, for themselves and for others. They are the words of those who sense that we’re not bettering anything and that we’re just phoning it in, sticking with a routine that might need some rejiggering or a complete overhaul. Yea Big and Kid Static seem to contend that the bigger truths are hidden under layers of muck, and that we’re being kept from the most sublime beauties of existence, the various things that along us an appreciation for the subtle and rich details. We’re being lied to, but maybe we’ve still got some cool enough homies that we’ll overlook these obstructions and these cover-ups.”

Check it out!