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While idly strolling through my massive garage gazing at my vintage automobile collection, I came to the realization that there is too much good music in this world. While that fact is arguable, it leads one to think. I will say that there are massive amounts of songs and compositions that have and will continue to touch the lives of millions. From your Luther Vandrosses to your Toni Braxtons to your Nina Simones to your Gladys Knights to your Blondies to your Cures to your Bruce Springsteens to your Michael Jacksons, these songs enter our culture and stay there. They ingrain themselves into our collective consciousness so deeply that before we know what the distance from the earth to the sun is, we can sing along to pretty much any Top 40 hit.

But what is your point Static? My point is that I like so many creatives have extra creative energy. And I like so many other musicians/artists/creatives need to do something with that extra creative energy. So what I will do is this:

You give me a classic song and a genre and I will devastate a new song (maybe more) every week. It might be good, it might suck balls, but this is as much of an excercise for me to flex my production chops as it is for you to hear some songs you love in a way you might never have otherwise. So post in the comments. Let me know. If its Smells Like Teen Spirit as a Movie Theme or Heard It Through The Grapevine as a Trance Anthem, I’ll do it. As a matter of fact…..I’ll do those right now.


Kid Static – Tech 9 v.s. Kenny Rogers
by kidstatic