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Racebannon Announce “Wrap The Body” 12-inch

by | May 24, 2010 | In Albums, Music, Remixes, Singles Comments Off on Racebannon Announce “Wrap The Body” 12-inch

Stream “Wrap The Body” here!

Never a force content to deliver obvious moves, the next release from the Racebannon juggernaut sees them joining forces with some friends and releasing…*gasp* a DJ-styled 12″ release. Yes folks, Wrap the Body!

A collaboration between Racebannon and Jilly Weiss (We Are Hex), and also featuring a full-blown remix from long time friendsYea Big, Kid Static and Stak; this is Racebannon at both their weirdest and yet most recognizable. Yes, the requisite churn, chaos, and darkness are all present and yes, Mike Andersonbelts out yet another genre-bending throat-box assault. The razor riffing is omnipresent, and the low-end hits like a depth charge. But the token Bannon weapons collide face-first with programmed beats, samples, and an instantly frenzied vocal contribution from Weiss, who sounds like a banshee possessed by equal parts PJ Harvey, bad acid, and Satan herself. The end result is something that is immediately memorable, catchy, scary, and downright original. [More]



by | March 1, 2010 | In Albums, Music 2 Comments

That RPM album you’ve all been waiting for. About 3 weeks of no sleep, recording and sequestering myself in the studio has come to a conclusion.

It’s free.

The Hood Internet and I are shooting a music video for one of the tracks on our coming 7″ in 2 weeks. If you want to help with some of the production costs on that, pay what you think it’s worth.



by | December 13, 2009 | In Albums, Music, News Comments Off on TFLG VINYL! YEAH SON!


METAL POSTCARD is doing big once again, putting out this delicious piece of musicality from Yea Big + Kid Static. The Future’s Looking Grim FULL EL-P. Get it!


New YB+KS Video: Stomp The Pedal

by | June 3, 2009 | In Albums, Music, Videos Comments Off on New YB+KS Video: Stomp The Pedal

Yea Big and Kid Static have a brand spank-crackle-and-poppin’ new video for Stomp The Pedal off their new album.  This video is a collaboration with French animator, comic artist and illustrator, Ronald Grandpey.  It’s crazy how exhilirating a pencil and a few thousand sheets of paper can be.  The world premiere of Stomp was in Barcelona, Spain on May 23 an  illustration/comics festival.  Now the video is on the internets for everyone to enjoy!!!  Get your ass hit and ran on.


iTunes finally updated. You can cop the new record where Apple rules the world.



by | April 23, 2009 | In Albums, Funny, News, Parties Comments Off on YEA BIG + KID STATIC : GRIM HAS LANDED

YB+KS’ brand new album “The Future’s Looking Grim” is hot off the trucks. We just got it in our hands and want to give the fans the opportunity to pick it up before it leaves for the stores. For the next two weeks, we’re letting you guys buy it directly from us  pre-retail on our myspace page. Pick it up now or you have to wait until June. JUNE! That’s a long ways away.  I mean you could just get it digitally but ITS NOT THE SAME!

Static Out!


YB+KS is back suckas! This time with a brand new music video for their videogame banger BOTS!