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panky rangs.

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At the beginning of February, while in L.A. I got pulled into the photoshoot for the Blood Is The New Black Summer 2010 line. It was a really good time with beer, pizza, beautiful people, a great band called Signals and best of all I got to hit things with a stick. Here are some shots from that glorious day.

go HERE to see the rest of them.


Blood Is The New Black is a clothing company out of LA that makes really cool Tshirts. When I was in LA a couple weeks ago, I got pulled into the photoshoot for their 2010 summer collection. It was good times all around. The Signals dudes held it down with the live music, and all the people there were cool as hell. The actual flicks from the shoot are dropping in March sometime. Look out for your boy.
[svgallery name="BITBshoot"]

New T-shirt love from Formula Werks, one of our favorite local chicago street wear spots. After 5+ years of bringing happiness and joy (Roto does that), and glory and shame (Formula Werks does that) together in Chicago and beyond, they’ve teamed up to release four new Build Your Own collabo T-shirts.

“Toy Fetish” speaks for their love of designer vinyl toys, with a nice Japanese & English Rotofugi hit below the back collar. “Chensou” lovingly says, “Rotofugi Version Equipped with Chainsaw” in Japanese, and then two flips of Roto’s legendary “Abe” logo are available. One says “Chicago,” the other says “Midwest.” Pick from 20 shirt and 20 print colors for both men and women; customize your own and reign supreme!

I went to the release party for Stevie Dread’s Nike Blazer to see the shoes in person and theyre fucking sick. Based on the Chicago flag, they’re a real subtle grey-blue that is mad appealing to my sensibilities. Definitely going to cop.

From Uprise:

A must have! It is crazy how sick Dread’s Blazer turned out, perfect to represent the Chi. Thanks Stevie for making us look good. FOR SALE SUNDAY MARCH 1ST. Check out the photos and see for yourself.

The Stevie “Dread” Blazer

The Stevie “Dread” Blazer.
Based on the Chicago Flag of course.
Feelin’ the Chicago Roots.
For sale Sunday March 1st at 12 Noon.

The family over at Durte Graphx says they stopped skating at 14, but that hasn’t kept them from keeping a hand in the culture. Check out these decks. Hotness.

MAD has been killing it on the art and custom toy game for a minute, and St!zo is just an all around talented DJ, Artist, Great Dude. This is what happens when the two meet up for tea and mufuckin’ krumpets.

These shoes were commissioned by a big fan of artist/toy designer MAD L. The base shoe that was provided was an all black pair of Air Force Ones. The “Big Money” theme was requested, so gold accents were applied in addition to the pieces of the MAD L character collection as well as his tag ghosted throughout the design.”