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Back to Bikesics

by | March 17, 2011 | In Editorial, Music, News Comments Off on Back to Bikesics

I’m not die hard but I like riding. It was cold and rainy so I stopped. It’s nice so recently I started riding again. Enough with the Rebecca Black style synopsis.

These are my bikes.

these are my bikes

This is how I feel about bikes.

Kid Static – You Can Do You by kidstatic


Keeping it TREAL

by | January 14, 2010 | In Editorial, Funny 1 Comment

Shit I think my best drunken sex story took place up by Northwestern.

But before I start, this never happened, I wasn’t there, and if you know anybody who thinks they might have suffered due to this event, just tell them I channeled psychically it all via the Prophet Marvos from the Isle of Lemuria.

Which is true.

Anyway, one of my boy’s had a good friend called Chance who is a master at macking girls. I mean, it’s ridiculous. Whenever I heard tell of a party via Chance, I knew it was a good thing to try and get my ass to, even if it meant an hour and a half on the El or whatever. Why?

Chance got so many broads horny there was hope of catching collateral booty.

Looking back, though, I think Chance didn’t even make it to this one. There was a period he didn’t like coming out if me and a few others were gonna be there, seeing how as we would fill any idle moment between hovering around the keg and looking for booty with stuffing our pockets full of the other kind of booty, doing indoor graffiti (very avant garde), pouring the contents of people’s refrigerators into people’s toasters, stealing more stuff, peeing into the trashcan next to the toilet, etc. We were kind of like… I don’t know… mean fellers I guess really is all you can say. Chance, in spite of his adamantine game, probably found being held responsible for the actions of a herd of urukai in saggy jeans a bit of a cockblock.


It’s true.


Conan Improved

by | June 4, 2009 | In Editorial, Funny Comments Off on Conan Improved

I saw the first episode of the new Tonight Show with Conan O’Brian and dude definitely brought it.  I’m down with all the changes too. Moving to L.A.,  new set design, bigger studio, everything. But Conan’s new set does bring certain imagery to mind. I think this one change could bring the show up to that next level shit.


Keeping it TREAL…

by | May 23, 2009 | In Editorial, Funny Comments Off on Keeping it TREAL…

from TREAL:


Whenever a girl ends a text message with the above emoticon, my automatic interpretation is, “she wants to suck my (motherfucking) dick (the EP).” Then, if after some thought I decide that she doesn’t really want to suck my dick–or, alternately, that perhaps she would like to keep me lingering somewhere in her queue lest some rainy day she suddenly decides that the briny aroma of my cock and not that of some other, presently seemingly more suitable cock would be just the ticket–my reinterpretation is, “why is this bitch trying to text-message tease me.”

I don’t know much about emoticons. Is the winky-face supposed to mean some other shit?


Lil Treaky


Keeping it TREAL…

by | April 21, 2009 | In Editorial, News Comments Off on Keeping it TREAL…

from TREAL:

That captured pirate hits the states…

… and he’s COLD CHILLIN’! That smiles just says, “yes, I have lived a wild fucking life, I am 19, I am a pirate, I sail ships and rob people, I have fired cannons and swashbuckled and shivered ye timbers and stabbed scurvy dogs and squeezed big wench tittays and laughed so much, much more than you Navy Gravy Under Seige fools ever will. P.S. you have just made the biggest mistake ever, I’m about to take over the U.S. prisons like pirate Miklo! Did I mention I just got a free ticket to America!? Big Mac!” This motherfucker is a modern day Jolly Roger! Straight up, if he is not in the next Pirates of the Carribean (as well as Miklo, for that matter, his career has gone nowhere since Chicano Blood), I will eat ten scorpions and buy a 900″ TV from Sever for six dollars and a coupon.


Guardian Angels scooping up graff kids.

by | March 13, 2009 | In Editorial Comments Off on Guardian Angels scooping up graff kids.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the illegality of graffiti. Taking into account my love of the artform and the need for community policing in alot of parts of the city, this still doesnt sit right with me.

Any civilian order-keeping unit should be REQUIRED to weigh harm done against resources used to prosecute.

There is another video on their youtube channel of them jumping and holding a guy for arrest on an El platform. Dude seemed drunk as hell and got caught smoking a joint. The attendant asked him to leave and he mouthed off so she called the cops. After that, he starts to leave.

This is when they could have let the dude leave, make his way home, and sober the fuck up. But the Guardian Angels decided to antagonize him until he swung at them, which then makes it okay to jump him and hold him until the cops come.

Its a group of dudes who have taken it upon themselves to “police” the streets based on their personal ideals, enforcing their will on the public. These fuckers seriously need counseling.