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Our friends over at Sound Supply do great things to get people a ton of great music at a reasonable price. This week they’re doing their first Hip Hop drop. It includes music from Astronautalis from Fake Four, Inc. , Mike Mictlan from Doomtree, Kid Static from Cobra Records, and MORE. But you gotta get on it now because it’s only available for a week. If you haven’t picked up “It Gleams” before now, this is the perfect time to not only get the latest album from Kid Static, but so many other awesome artists too.


The Sound Supply Hip Hop Drop Is Live Now!The Sound Supply Hip Hop Drop Is Live Now!The Sound Supply Hip Hop Drop Is Live Now!

From Sound Supply:

Soundsupply is committed to finding the best albums to deliver as high quality bundled downloads. All participating bands have joined up to collectively share their music. Buying this bundle supports these artists and helps to usher in a revolution in music distribution.

We curate a collection of awesome albums. We digitally bundle them as “Drops” for easy download. Drops go on sale for a low price, but for a limited time.


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