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Never let it be said that Gorillaz, LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy, or, in particular, the sublime OutKast rapper André 3000 fail to appreciate the gravity of a corporate sponsorship opportunity.

Earlier this week, Converse unveiled a radio edit of “DoYaThing,” a predictably killer collaboration between the three musical forces. Now, via Seattle’s 107.7 the End, a much “DoYaThing” is here. And let’s just say the guys have outdone themselves.

As promised, there’s an extended, LCD Soundsystem-style krautrock freakout while Three Stacks riffs exuberantly about how he’s “the shit.” It’s hilarious just picturing these guys in the studio. While you’re listening, which is gonna take a while, here are some vital statistics:

Length of track: 13 minutes, 5 seconds

Approximate time André 3000 comes in: the 1:50 mark

Number of times André 3000 rhymes “splooshie-sploosh” with “bloop-de-bloop”: 1

Number of times André 3000 says “shit”: at least 68

Number of times André 3000 says “thing”: at least 40

Number of times André 3000 says the tracks sounds “excellent” to him: 2

Number of things André 3000 says are “jealous” of him: infinite

Temperature André 3000 can make it on y’all: 100 degrees

Approximate number of words André 3000 delivers on the track: 1,115

Approximate number of words Damon Albarn delivers: 215

Approximate number of words James Murphy delivers: 57

Converse parent company Nike’s reported fiscal 2011 profit: $2.1 billion

Amount a Nike factory recently agreed to pay Indonesia workers in back wages for 600,000 hours of unpaid overtime: $950,000

Amount that equals per hour: $1.58

Amount that equals per listen to the full “DoYaThing”: 34 cents, which makes us feel like suckers, because we’d totally listen for free.


via SPIN


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