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Tron Legacy Poster

In 1982 a movie was dropped on the public called Tron. Ground breaking visual effects and a storyline like nothing anyone had ever seen before made it an instant classic. Since then, the cult following grew exponentially. Kids that weren’t even around for the original movie were let in on it by older siblings and parents. After numerous rumors and false starts on a sequel, Disney showed they were serious about it with a trailer at the 2008 San Diego Comicon. 2 years later, the movie is coming out. December 17th. This year.

Jeff Bridges v.s. Jeff Bridges in an all out battle for program supremacy.

Almost forgot, Daft punk wrote 24 original tracks for the movie score. Here are six of them. They’re big. They’re epic. I’m thinking about light cycles right now.

Daft Punk for Tron Legacy Soundtrack by Hypetrak


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  1. Hi everyone,
    Eleven New songs from Tron Legacy movie by Daft Punk Leaked on youtube:

    See the new: