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Blood Is The New Black is a clothing company out of LA that makes really cool Tshirts. When I was in LA a couple weeks ago, I got pulled into the photoshoot for their 2010 summer collection. It was good times all around. The Signals dudes held it down with the live music, and all the people there were cool as hell. The actual flicks from the shoot are dropping in March sometime. Look out for your boy.
[svgallery name=”BITBshoot”]


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At first I was like…

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Today’s Lesson : Cornrows on the ground.

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Lesson: When you see an old dude wearing an “I AM A MOTHERFUCKER” t-shirt, you should probably believe him.

This shit is hilarious. Dude thought because he was talking to an old in a fanny pack that he was an easy target. Then old dude who was prolly a Vietnam vet, threw the thousand hand slap on him. Self defense plain and simple. Seriously, black dude had the worse bus fight form. The first hit came off balance while he was holding on to the pole, then he never let the pole go to defend himself while dude was wildcat cuffing him in the face.


p.s. At the end the hipster girl in the purple tights is STILL sitting there ignoring everbody. She’s so cool.


This is why I love the internet.


Hopie Spitshard : YUMMY

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Hopie hit me up over a year ago to do some work together and since then we’re been in touch on the internets, met in person Chicago, and followed each other’s careers a little bit. This girl keeps killing it. She is one of the coolest artists I’ve met and you definitely can’t knock the hustle.

Yummy is on her album “The Diamond Dame,” and this video translation of the song is a little bit creepy but all around fun. Check it out.

Hopie Spitshard “Yummy” Official Music Video (Directed by Patricio Ginelsa) from Kid Heroes on Vimeo.


5Signs Podcast: Kid Static’s Dubstep Buffet

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Episode 9 isn’t based on a Fellini film nor is it an animation tour de force, it’s better! 5signs Podcast episode nine is hosted by one of Chicago’s most decorated freshmen Kid Static. Amongst other distinctions Kid Static’s collaboration with producer Yeah Big, and their Jib Door Records releases have landed the duo in Urb and Xlr8r magazines. Kid Static has toured the country and the world with the celebrated band: the Mae-Shi and for today’s podcast he landed at Alcendor’s ‘The Hills’ studio to help us record the ninth installment of the 5signs podcast. joined by dj’s Nsok & Foniks, with Alcendor at the console Kid Static has plenty of wet goodness for your dirty thirsty ears.”

The Playlist:
zomby – 1up
kid static – man on fire
koushik – Bright And Shining
maker – shooting the breeze
zion initation – got to love jah jah
kid static – i love college (dubstep mix instrumental)
quasimoto – greenery
lyrics born – one session
aceyalone – the saga continues
kid static & yea big – speak the facts
ta reach – the idiology
mr. bird – black plastic bags
kid static – untitled

5signs Podcast : Episode 9


I’m the man your man could smell like

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Gun app on the iPhone

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Daytrotter Session Finally Up!

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Back in April 2009, Yea Big and I recorded a live session at Daytrotter in Rock Island, IL. (pics) Guess what? It’s LIVE on Daytrotter.

“Chicago’s Yea Big & Kid Static, is opinionated and out-spoken. The duo makes the kind of defiant and churlish hip-hop that comes from dissatisfied young men, idealistic and yearning for better results than the crap ones they’re getting or seeing as most likely, for themselves and for others. They are the words of those who sense that we’re not bettering anything and that we’re just phoning it in, sticking with a routine that might need some rejiggering or a complete overhaul. Yea Big and Kid Static seem to contend that the bigger truths are hidden under layers of muck, and that we’re being kept from the most sublime beauties of existence, the various things that along us an appreciation for the subtle and rich details. We’re being lied to, but maybe we’ve still got some cool enough homies that we’ll overlook these obstructions and these cover-ups.”

Check it out!


Went To LA. Did Some Thangs.

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Finally back from LA. Went out West to look for a place. Found out it was waaaay too early to be looking. You would think landlords would find a tenant when the previous tenant tells them they’re moving out. Not so much. Apparently they wait until someone needs to move in tomorrow. They were on some, you can pay us a month’s rent to hold it for you, I’m like yeaaah, I’m totally doing that.

Ran into the 5signs crew from Anodyne Electric. We did the 9th episode of their podcast. Also played a show at the Grand Star, did a photoshoot with Signals and Blood Is The New Black, and got it in with Frosti and Levi.

More audio, footage and images of all of that coming soon.