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by | January 5, 2010 | In News, Polls

The Throwdown is coming gentlemen. I was lucky enough to play for you guys last year and this year I hope to do it again. A couple people have asked that I play certain songs this year and I think that method of deciding the playlist is a really good idea. So here we go.

These are the suggestions I’ve gotten so far. If you want a song not on the list, feel free to write it in.


What songs would you like to hear at the Whiskerino Throwdown?
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  1. stomp the pedal… because its my fav music video you have

  2. Dude, Mega Man was a hit for 2007 throwdown. At least for me. I call dibs on that one! is Yeah Big gonna be there?

  3. i don’t know how to choose off that list, i guess i could just based on title?
    but judging from thos music vids, any of them would be flippin sweet.
    I’m thinking GRIM, Internets Superstar, and Eatchyo Samwich FTW

    oh plus The Life Here – probably the best Chicago tourism promo video I’ve ever seen

  4. All of the above. Please.

  5. I want someone to work up a Michael Jackson cover of some kind…but only if I get to help!!! hehehe…but, no, seriously.

    And Eatchyo Samwich