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Archive for June, 2009

Tha Insomniacts come hard with a pair of solid remixes. They hit us up on Myspace asking if they could give it a shot and DAYUM. They killed it. Check the bass on these.


Your boy Skateboard P is where he is for good reason. The man has so many great things to say. Check it.

I know I usually post remixes with that bassy bass. But sometimes you gotta drive down the street with your windows down, feeling that wind through your waves and/or weave and say to yourself “Golly, life is fucking beautiful.” This is the song to do it to. Skibunny, Belfast’s #1 remixers/promoters (via NME), put their uplifting spin on Run To The Facts off of the Run To Your Grave 7″.

PR pic 1 grey

A couple of European heads remixed YB+KS track “The Life Here” off of their self titled debut. This shit is so sick.

The original:

The Remix:


The first game release from Kid Static Studios. The universe is coming after you. How long can you survive. Post your high score in the comments!

Me and Bigga are doing a video for Heavy Catamaran off of the Heavy 7″. I did about 4 hours of shooting for it yesterday. Here are some flicks from the set.




If the shit was like this. Fucking hilarious.

I saw the first episode of the new Tonight Show with Conan O’Brian and dude definitely brought it.  I’m down with all the changes too. Moving to L.A.,  new set design, bigger studio, everything. But Conan’s new set does bring certain imagery to mind. I think this one change could bring the show up to that next level shit.

Jose Garibaldi over at Little Brown Heart sketches out what to hit up this weekend in Chicago. Dope.