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Keeping it TREAL…

by | May 23, 2009 | In Editorial, Funny

from TREAL:


Whenever a girl ends a text message with the above emoticon, my automatic interpretation is, “she wants to suck my (motherfucking) dick (the EP).” Then, if after some thought I decide that she doesn’t really want to suck my dick–or, alternately, that perhaps she would like to keep me lingering somewhere in her queue lest some rainy day she suddenly decides that the briny aroma of my cock and not that of some other, presently seemingly more suitable cock would be just the ticket–my reinterpretation is, “why is this bitch trying to text-message tease me.”

I don’t know much about emoticons. Is the winky-face supposed to mean some other shit?


Lil Treaky


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