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Keeping it TREAL…

by | April 21, 2009 | In Editorial, News

from TREAL:

That captured pirate hits the states…

… and he’s COLD CHILLIN’! That smiles just says, “yes, I have lived a wild fucking life, I am 19, I am a pirate, I sail ships and rob people, I have fired cannons and swashbuckled and shivered ye timbers and stabbed scurvy dogs and squeezed big wench tittays and laughed so much, much more than you Navy Gravy Under Seige fools ever will. P.S. you have just made the biggest mistake ever, I’m about to take over the U.S. prisons like pirate Miklo! Did I mention I just got a free ticket to America!? Big Mac!” This motherfucker is a modern day Jolly Roger! Straight up, if he is not in the next Pirates of the Carribean (as well as Miklo, for that matter, his career has gone nowhere since Chicano Blood), I will eat ten scorpions and buy a 900″ TV from Sever for six dollars and a coupon.


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