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Even though they got our name wrong every time they mentioned it, Its a really good review.

HLLL YEA CDEP – Mophonics / Team Shi
Though the Mae Shi released one of the strongest records of 2008, the L.A. band has garnered perhaps their most universal spotlight through a viral remix of Christian Bale’s now infamous “Are you professional?!” freakout. (“R U Professional” is worth the YouTube visit, trust me.) This quirky, outrageous sense of humor is what’s so markedly Mae Shi, and what’s spawned the band’s most recent project, a remix of last year’s HLLLYH. Teaming up with Chicago indie hip-hoppers Yea Kid + Big Static, HLLL YEA picks out elements from nearly every track of the band’s LP and fuses Mae Shi’s army of digital bleeps and vocal yelps with Yeah Kid + Big Static’s cheeky rhymes. The track that smashes all others is “Party Steady” (go figure) with its relentless “Can’t slow down” attitude. Sample fragments and beats are pieced together intelligently and seamlessly, and the record feels less like a mashup and more like a serendipitous collaboration. As a supplement to HLLLYH, it’s a delightful and completely unexpected surprise. Understanding the band’s weird exploits come with the territory of being a fan, so suit up for the ride. If nothing else, it’s completely hilarious.

(Meredith Turits)


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