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Yesterday we played Mission Creek in Iowa. Two words. Hells yeah. YB+KS opened for GZA. The Genius. I met him down in Austin for SXSW at the Mohawk, which was weird for two reasons. 1. It was a spaz punk show. 2. He actually came up and talked to me. Let me correct that, he told his people to come up and talk to me. “Tell that dude in the red hat he did a good rap on stage.” Word. Fast forward to a week and a half later and we’re hanging out in his dressing room. The show sold out. And let me say that a crowd of damn near 800 people shouting “Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang!” is a hard sell. But guess who pulled it off. That’s right. We did.

[svgallery name=”GZA The Englert”]


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