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YB+KS’ brand new album “The Future’s Looking Grim” is hot off the trucks. We just got it in our hands and want to give the fans the opportunity to pick it up before it leaves for the stores. For the next two weeks, we’re letting you guys buy it directly from us  pre-retail on our myspace page. Pick it up now or you have to wait until June. JUNE! That’s a long ways away.  I mean you could just get it digitally but ITS NOT THE SAME!

Static Out!


Keeping it TREAL…

by | April 21, 2009 | In Editorial, News Comments Off on Keeping it TREAL…

from TREAL:

That captured pirate hits the states…

… and he’s COLD CHILLIN’! That smiles just says, “yes, I have lived a wild fucking life, I am 19, I am a pirate, I sail ships and rob people, I have fired cannons and swashbuckled and shivered ye timbers and stabbed scurvy dogs and squeezed big wench tittays and laughed so much, much more than you Navy Gravy Under Seige fools ever will. P.S. you have just made the biggest mistake ever, I’m about to take over the U.S. prisons like pirate Miklo! Did I mention I just got a free ticket to America!? Big Mac!” This motherfucker is a modern day Jolly Roger! Straight up, if he is not in the next Pirates of the Carribean (as well as Miklo, for that matter, his career has gone nowhere since Chicano Blood), I will eat ten scorpions and buy a 900″ TV from Sever for six dollars and a coupon.


Fresh from Covert from Milwaukee. Shit is dope.


Diplo sent out a call for Dubstep remixes of Asher Roth. I answered with this one.


Skyscraper Magazine #30: HLLL YEA Review

by | April 5, 2009 | In News Comments Off on Skyscraper Magazine #30: HLLL YEA Review

Even though they got our name wrong every time they mentioned it, Its a really good review.

HLLL YEA CDEP – Mophonics / Team Shi
Though the Mae Shi released one of the strongest records of 2008, the L.A. band has garnered perhaps their most universal spotlight through a viral remix of Christian Bale’s now infamous “Are you professional?!” freakout. (“R U Professional” is worth the YouTube visit, trust me.) This quirky, outrageous sense of humor is what’s so markedly Mae Shi, and what’s spawned the band’s most recent project, a remix of last year’s HLLLYH. Teaming up with Chicago indie hip-hoppers Yea Kid + Big Static, HLLL YEA picks out elements from nearly every track of the band’s LP and fuses Mae Shi’s army of digital bleeps and vocal yelps with Yeah Kid + Big Static’s cheeky rhymes. The track that smashes all others is “Party Steady” (go figure) with its relentless “Can’t slow down” attitude. Sample fragments and beats are pieced together intelligently and seamlessly, and the record feels less like a mashup and more like a serendipitous collaboration. As a supplement to HLLLYH, it’s a delightful and completely unexpected surprise. Understanding the band’s weird exploits come with the territory of being a fan, so suit up for the ride. If nothing else, it’s completely hilarious.

(Meredith Turits)


Kid Static v.s. GS BOYZ – Stanky Legg (Juke Remix)

by | April 4, 2009 | In Music, Remixes Comments Off on Kid Static v.s. GS BOYZ – Stanky Legg (Juke Remix)

If you don’t know about this you should know.


Daytrotter Sessions

by | April 3, 2009 | In News, Photos 1 Comment

On the way back from Mission Creek we stopped in Rock Island, IL to record for Daytrotter. Thanks to Andre from Mission Creek for that one. Daytrotter records short live sessions from bands like My Morning Jacket, Of Montreal, Death Cab For Cutie, etc. And they wanted us to come in. Nice.

We recorded 4 songs. Party Steady and Run To The Facts, off of the Mae Shi Mash-up album, Middle America , off of The Future’s Looking Grim, we did acapella, and we finally put Thank You For Being A Friend to tape. It was a blast. Bigups to Sean and Mike, here’s some flicks.

[svgallery name=”daytrotter”]


Reviews for our show at Mission Creek hit the web today.

Mission Creek Round-Up: Day 1

‘…The next sounds to come bursting forth from the fest were from Chicago hip-hop duo, Kid Static and Yea Big. And like Cartright, they found themselves in a venue that didn’t fit their normal aesthetic: The Englert Theatre (Yacht Club or The Picador would have been much more their speed). The Englert was at capacity with a crowd it wasn’t accustomed to—the night’s headliner might have been one of the only AARP card-holders—who of course weren’t there for the exuberant duo from the Windy City. However, like any great opener, Yea Big and Kid Static made the best of it and sold it hard. As an MC, Static is a comedian, as though he’s always rapping against some sucka-ass MC in his head with the next playful jab always aimed and ready to fire. As a hype man and producer, Yea Big is something else. Clad in short, very short, gym shorts, a t-shirt, tube stocks, and head band, Yea Big jogged around stage and flopped and faked his way through some dance moves. The boys kept the crowd excited and distracted, and even joined in towards the end of their set when all the audience wanted was “Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang”…’

“…As was expected, Bowerbirds brought the house down. A little more surprising was Kid Static’s encore at the Yacht Club.Static’s set was short, to say the least. But the two tracks the 2nd City MC blew threw were more than sufficient to provide the first legitimate surprise for the young festival. It was the most united the crowd go that night. While other MCs on the bill were on, only Kid Static brought most of them up to the stage and away from the bar.”


Mission Creek Festival: Iowa City, IA (Photos)

by | April 3, 2009 | In Music, News, Photos Comments Off on Mission Creek Festival: Iowa City, IA (Photos)

Yesterday we played Mission Creek in Iowa. Two words. Hells yeah. YB+KS opened for GZA. The Genius. I met him down in Austin for SXSW at the Mohawk, which was weird for two reasons. 1. It was a spaz punk show. 2. He actually came up and talked to me. Let me correct that, he told his people to come up and talk to me. “Tell that dude in the red hat he did a good rap on stage.” Word. Fast forward to a week and a half later and we’re hanging out in his dressing room. The show sold out. And let me say that a crowd of damn near 800 people shouting “Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang!” is a hard sell. But guess who pulled it off. That’s right. We did.

[svgallery name=”GZA The Englert”]