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Don’t get me wrong, I understand the illegality of graffiti. Taking into account my love of the artform and the need for community policing in alot of parts of the city, this still doesnt sit right with me.

Any civilian order-keeping unit should be REQUIRED to weigh harm done against resources used to prosecute.

There is another video on their youtube channel of them jumping and holding a guy for arrest on an El platform. Dude seemed drunk as hell and got caught smoking a joint. The attendant asked him to leave and he mouthed off so she called the cops. After that, he starts to leave.

This is when they could have let the dude leave, make his way home, and sober the fuck up. But the Guardian Angels decided to antagonize him until he swung at them, which then makes it okay to jump him and hold him until the cops come.

Its a group of dudes who have taken it upon themselves to “police” the streets based on their personal ideals, enforcing their will on the public. These fuckers seriously need counseling.


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