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Rockstar Games, the makers of Midnight Club LA, are releasing a new music addon to the game. GUESS WHO GOT A TRACK ON THE SOUNDTRACK? That’s right, me and Bigga did.  It was off the Mashup album we did with the Mae Shi called HLLL YEA.

Check the track:

Party Steady


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  1. I think a lot of people are having a hard time finding this song after watching the MCLA South Central car pack 2 trailer… I know I did

  2. I’m sorry to hear that. We made it as available as possible. It’s on iTunes, and available multiple places on the internet. A google search of “party steady” yields 5 viable links to download the song. How much more available should it be?

  3. Some of the links I used pointed me towards your other songs, I don’t know about how others searched. I knew it was on iTunes but I didn’t have cash to download it. Yeah I know it’s available, just said had a hard time looking. Awesome song by the way, are you making a video of it?

  4. Word. Where would you rather have found it? Like what would be the easiest place for you to find tracks and I will make sure they get there.

    We have no plans to make a video for the song but you never know. We have been known to go back and revive old tracks sometimes.